About Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow has been an international broadcasting service existing since 1929, founded in the Soviet Union. It played an important role in broadcasting the truth and anti-nazi propaganda during the World War II in all languages in Europe, and it was the biggest radio station in the world.

Today, Radio Moscow is not a radio station as per classic terms state, it is a non-profit organisation that spreads truth regarding geopolitics, shares cutting edge and future-forward but also old-school music, culture and art from the world, publishes its own music through its record labels and much more.

Radio Moscow is not neutral. Radio Moscow is not… what you think it is. Radio Moscow speaks. Радио Москва говорит!

Our website is currently under construction, major reconstruction more precisely, so we’ll tell you on our socials when we’re going to be back with fresh power. Much more power, oh yeah.

☢️ Radio Moscow Manifesto (In Order):
1. Non-Profit Organisation
2. Consular Services & Embassy
3. Armed Forces

Services (On Random Order):
1. Delivery
2. Online Classes
3. In-person Classes

Radio Moscow is owned by the central committee of the Soviet Union and all other past and current socialist countries combined, with the exception of China and North Korea. Everyone is free to join from all over the world, except China, Iran and North Korea, and volunteer as long as they have the appropriate accreditation. For peoples with Chinese, Iranian or North Korean citizenship, please do not contact us to be part of Radio Moscow, find any other and try again. This is done not because of any hatred nor negatives towards their peoples, but because of hard stance policies that we must abide, as we give them embargo until demands we’ve sent them are met.

ℹ️ Please note:
The .SU registry asks that companies and organisations provide a copy of the registering company’s Certificate of Registration or an excerpt from the Commercial Register.

Brotherhood, Sisterhood & Unity
Five-stars of the world, unite!

Are you a writer? We are looking for passionate people who have background with culture and music interested in contributing to our platform, both from the Western Balkans and the World.

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